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Current portfolio

Below you find links to the individual companies that Private Equity New Markets have ownership stakes in:

Current portfolio
An Giang Plant Protection, Vietnam

An Giang Plant Protection is one of the largest companies in the Mekong Delta with rice and products for farmers as the main activities. The company’s product portfolio for farmers includes crop protection products and seeds, which are marketed under third party brands as well as own registered brands, reflecting the company’s market position and price. An Giang Plant Protection’s products are marketed across Vietnam, distributed through more than 450 distributors and sold through more than 5,000 point of sales.

PENM III invested in An Giang Plant Protection in May 2014.


An Giang Plant Protection
Asia Chemical Corporation, Vietnam

Asia Chemical Corporation is the leading local distributor of ingredients for several industries, including food, dairy, beverage, seafood and also pharmaceutical and more industrial purposes. The products are sold through ACC’s sales offices and distributed either directly from the port or through Asia Chemical Corporation’s own warehouses and truck fleet.

PENM III invested in Asia Chemical Corporation in March 2014.


Asia Chemical Corporation
PetroVietnam Drilling , Vietnam

PetroVietnam Drilling and Well Services Corporation (PVD) was established in 2001 as a the drilling and well services division of PetroVietnam - a unique state-owned oil and gas group of Vietnam(‘PVN’). PVD is the only Vietnamese corporation offering drilling and drilling related services, dominant Vietnam drilling market with 60% and 90% of market share in drilling and drilling related services respectively. PVD was certified by World Finance in UK as ‘The Best Drilling Contractor in Asia in 2012’ and a member of the prestigious International Associations of Drilling Contractors (IADC) which make PVD to be able to compete with international players in both domestic and oversea market.

PENM III invested in PetroVietnam Drilling and Well Services Corporation in June 2013.

The company was listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (“HOSX”) in December 2007 with the ticker PVD:VN.


Masan Resources, Vietnam

Masan Resources (MR) has 100% control of Nui Phao, a mine containing approximately 5% of the world’s deposits of Tungsten (the largest outside China). Tungsten is a non-ferrous metal used in machine tools for metal working, mining, oil drilling and construction.

The mine also has significant deposits of fluorspar, bismuth and copper.

PENM III invested in Masan Resources in December 2012.


Masan Group, Vietnam

Masan Group is a holding company with an economics interest of 77.3% in Masan Consumer (www.masanconsumer.com) - the leading sauce company in Vietnam with the subsidiaries: Vinacafé, owned 53.2% and Vinh Hao, owned 63.5%. Masan Group has an economic interest of 74.1% shareholding in Masan Resources corporation, which has a 100% control the Nui Phao mine, which holds approximately 5% of the world's deposits of Tungsten. Masan Group also holds two financial investments: 30.4% in Techcombank (www.techcombank.com.vn) - a leading non-listed Vietnamese Joint Stock Bank with more than 300 branches nationwide, and Proconco, the second largest livestock and aqua feed manufacturer in Vietnam by volume.

PENM II invested in Masan Food in 2008 and has in 2009 subscribed to new shares in Masan Group while converting it's Masan Food shares into Masan Group shares.

The company was listed at Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (“HOSX”) in November 2009 with the ticker MSN:VN.


Hoa Phat Group, Vietnam

Hoa Phat is an integrated industrial conglomerate with leading market positions in most of its business areas. HPG’s main activities are production of construction steel, steel pipes, furniture and household appliances, and investments in industrial parks, HPG is Vietnam’s largest construction steel (18% of the market) and steel pipe producer (20% of the market):

PENM II invested in Hoa Phat in 2008.

Hoa Phat was listed at Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (“HOSX”) in November 2007 with the ticker HPG:VN.


Eurowindow, Vietnam

Eurowindow is Vietnam's leading supplier of premium doors, windows and partitions with uPCV (Unplasticised Chloride Polyvinyl) frames. In 2009 the product portfolio was successfully expanded to include products with aluminum frames, and later with wood. The company is now one of the market leaders in most of its segments. Eurowindow's products are sold through a nationwide network of showrooms, agents and distributors. The company has assembly facilities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

PENM I invested in Eurowindow in 2007 and again in 2011.


AAA Assurance, Vietnam

AAA is Vietnam’s second largest insurance company and operates in the Vietnamese non-life insurance market. The company has more than 40 branches and sales offices throughout Vietnam. AAA’s main product segments are motor theft and damage insurance and loan repayment protection insurance (in case of illness) The company is, after years of relatively wide expansion and channel growth, pursuing a strategy of focused sales growth and segment industry leadership.

PENM I invested in AAA in 2007.


Mansoura for Resins and Chemical Industries, Egypt

Mansoura for Resins & Chemical Industries is a pioneer company in Egypt within the production of Resin and Chemicals. With the base ingredient being formaldehyde, MRI offers a broad range of industrial resin and technologies to meet the specific requirements of its customers. The end-products of Mansoura have numerous application possibilities, and customers include such diverse groups as fertilizer companies and wood product producers. Having been privatized in 2004, MRI is now well on track to become a significant regional player, benefitting from Egypt's comparative production advantages and the proximity to the lucrative Middle Eastern and European markets.

PENM I invested in Mansoura in 2008.